Navigating Change

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The added value of Story

In human Stories valuable signals, insights and observations are hidden

With our partners we develop Narrative Solutions to disclose and put that value to beneficial use


Value of raw stories

Individual experiences, messages, reflections, observations, tips and complaints contain small pieces of knowledge, insight, perspective, attitude, opportunities and signals.

Towards balance

We help people, teams, organisation and communities gain insight in what’s going on by working with raw stories of personal experience. Transparent and ethical.

Stories behind the figures

Discovering relations between soft factors and daily reality provides real insight. StoryConnect uncovers the changes and influences behind the figures. Continuous and scalable.

Get grip on change

We specialize in converting insight into action without damage. Get grip on change, handle wicked challenges and improve your balance.

Increase your observation power, resilience and change-capabilities

StoryConnect has developed over 30 concepts that utilize raw story for innovation, balancing and change. Our services improve the quality of service, education or care, sales, innovation, customer-, product- and market-research, vigilance, employee engagement, motivation, safety, personal development, strategy formation and assessment, business intelligence, impact of development, policy evaluation, surveillance of human rights treaties and environmental quality, etc, etc. These 6 provide a good overview of the diversity. Read more about our services ….

HumanConnect is the innovative successor of the often largely dysfunctional employee engagement/motivation survey. HumanConnect makes visible changes in and around your organisation 365 days per year so that you can follow the dynamics, see change earlier, reap opportunities and mitigate threats.
With CareConnect you can see the care your organisation provides through the eyes of patients and employees. You gain insight in how care is really experienced, you can see the impact of changes and will have all management-data needed to influence and innovate.
Agile innovation is the holy grail of new product development. With ProductConnect you collect valuable insight into customer behaviour, detect improvements and build market pull long before regular market introduction. In fact, there won’t be a regular introduction anymore ….
Providing optimal education services becomes much simpler with StudentConnect. It provides near-real-time feedback on what facilitates and hampers learning processes. From now on, you can optimize the impact of education while classes still run.
CoachConnect fundamentally changes the way coach and coachee interact. Coachees share experiences and quickly discover the value of self-reflection. As a result coaches already know what has happened in-between sessions from the StoryConnect dashboard.
The organisation of security and safety has been largely a technology game lately. Camera’s, detectors and data-mining seemed to rule, but turned out to have many limits too. SafetyConnect restores the balance and re-introduces human observations as a valuable resource.


Stories in Action

The person you are being is a physical manifestation of the way we use communication to share the stories we believe in. Every major achievement began with an idea that was important enough to be presented to the others as a gift and an invitation to share our...

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Power of stories in coaching

The power of stories in coaching How we are believing our worlds are happening matters not only to us but to all of those with whom we are sharing the same physical space. Emotions come from how we are assessing realities around us and when we get a better and more...

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StoryConnect enhances the capability of organisations to listen to employees, patients, customers, citizens, colleagues, students, etc. We facilitate the flow of knowledge, experiences, insights, observations and warnings so that they reach the right people faster. Next they can decide, signal, investigate, learn, control, initiate and connect based on insights what is going on right now.


StoryConnect has been applied by many profit and non-profit organisations. Companies, governments, institutions, cooperates, foundations and associations gained insights in what is going on from the perspective of customers, patients, citizens and employees. Below are some clients we were lucky enough to support over the last years. Click on the logo’s to read more.


StoryConnect offers reliable and affordable services to collect, visualize and evaluate story-based material. 24 hours, 365 days a year. Online via the web, offline with the StoryConnect App and you can – if needed – access your data in the Cloud from any location worldwide.

StoryConnect Web is designed to support people to share and make sense of stories. It offers all functionality found in traditional survey tools, augmented with functionality for story applications. With StoryConnect Web we can run projects from small to large, from short to continuous, in the open or by invitation.

StoryConnect App is ideal when narrative materials – including photo’s, video’s and voice – must be collected on the road, when network connections are not available or when using a laptop is difficult. The App is built on top of StoryConnect Web so that it utilizes its inherent reliability and available for iOS and Android.

StoryConnect Dashboard can be configured to visualize and evaluate stories and further narrative data to spot patterns, follow them over time and support decision making, intervention design and return. Dashboards are build in Tableau and published for Tableau Reader and Online. Where appropriate we employ R or SPSS to add statistical capabilities.

Sharing is multiplying

That is why we share them as-as-service with a growing network of partners. This way we help each other improve our tools even further.

Please have a look at our other activities (“”) helps public organisations and society find sustainable solutions to wicked challenges. facilitates citizens, companies and governments to apply their collective knowledge, skills and experience to develop breakthrough solutions for hard public challenges of municipalities, provinces/states, governmental bodies and national administrations.

PNI Institute

In spring 2014 StoryConnect initiated the PNI Institute with fellow companies and leaders in the field of participatory narrative. The PNI Institute is a membership organisation for people who seek to improve the methods and tools of participatory narrative inquiry. Its mission is to actively share new ideas and engage in open, creative conversations and collaborations in order to continually improve PNI theory and applications. The values of the PNI Institute are quality, self-organisation, diversity and participation.