Everybody has a story worth sharing

They are the key to get a grip on wicked challenges
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StoryConnect gives a grip on quality, innovation, safety, experience and motivation

We help your organization work with stoires of customers, users, employees and citizens

This allows you to make better decisions and get a grip on the wicked challenges you face


We unlock the rich and warm information in the experiences, observations, insights, suggestions and opinions people share about what is really going on through storypoints


Our StoryCycle approach for working with experiences provides insight so that you continuously get a grip on what’s important to yo


The StoryAcademy offers training, support and keynotes in which we share our passion for working with experiences


We offer process outsourcing, research and interim management. Permanent or temporary

It is no longer about what you want to know from people
It is about what people want you to know

Harold van Garderen

Founder and co-owner, StoryConnect


Cynthia Kurtz on PNI in GloComNet Conversations

It is clear PNI and complexity are strongly related. So a year ago, GloComNet and StoryConnect partnered to develop and market joint solutions that honour the complex aspects of challenges and processes. Behind the scenes we are working on a first joint service for...

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