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Everyone's story is worth being heard

And helps you get a grip on quality, innovation, transformation, safety, motivation or brand experience
StoryConnect - Enabling Collective Intelligence for sustaining change

StoryConnect & Partners offer narrative solutions for profit, non-profit and government

They surface signals and trends that are missed by your current research and business processes

The most popular are bundled in six Solution Lines

CareConnect provides real insight into and a grip on experience, values and motivation of clients / residents and staff.

Policy & CitizenConnect

allow citizens and companies to participate effectively in policy formation and evaluation

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Policy & CitizenConnect solutions help governments and independent administrative bodies to evaluate or develop policies through citizen and business participation. We offer solutions for:

  • Narrative evaluation of WMO policy (for the municipalities of Apeldoorn, Leiden and Peel and Maas)
  • Narrative evaluation of municipal or regional youth care policy (for Holland Rijnland and the municipalities of Weert, Leudal and Nederweert)
  • Narrative Evaluation chain innovation (Ministry of Economic Affairs) Municipal services social domain, neighborhood teams and resident satisfaction (municipality of Enschede).
  • National monitoring and improvement of youth assistance, youth protection and youth rehabilitation (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport with DSP group)
  • National evaluation and regional solutions for the transformation to (appropriate) education (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science with OOG)
  • Evaluation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (for Coalition for Inclusion and Iderin)

Want to know more? Please contact Erwin Duurland.

CareConnect provides real insight into and a grip on experience, values and motivation of clients / residents and staff.


for agile product introduction and user-driven market research

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ProductConnect applications let you see through the eyes of customers and users how they use your prototypes / products and embrace or reject your innovations

ProductConnect lets customers and users tell how they (want to) use and experience a product. ProductConnect can optionally be expanded with a module for purchase research and price / location research

ProductConnect is used for the further development of food products, for monitoring customer trends in a pilot store. ProductConnect is – under the name Dutch ID Monitor – also used by the National Service for Identity Data to monitor the use of Dutch identity documents.

ProductConnect is usually used for one-off surveys, but can also be performed periodically. ProductConnect is most powerful as a customer feedback and requirements discovery tool in a portfolio approach.

Wnat to know more? For commercial applications, contact Harold van Garderen and Marco Koning for the Dutch ID monitor

CareConnect provides real insight into and a grip on experience, values and motivation of clients / residents and staff.

Security & SafetyConnect

for security, anti-terror, security, facility / real estate and the process industry

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SecurityConnect put people back in the center of surveillance, security, information-driven action and safe working.

SecurityConnect solutions are based on the power of observation and decision power of people and human networks. Sensors, video systems and machine learning play a useful role as an extension of people, but are ultimately limited when it comes to information-driven action, the detection of weak signals and the handling of uncertain situations.

SecurityConnect solutions are almost always continuously active and therefore almost always consist of a combination of an observation point for making and interpreting observations. by guards, operators, facility staff, safety officers, managers and / or regular employees and a number of back-office systems and services for the continuous evaluation of the situation, controlling the operation and periodic reassessment of uncertainties in the safety and / or security situation .

SecurityConnect applications are usually secret. Naming customers and describing specific applications is therefore not possible. In the Netherlands, StoryConnect works together with Q-Share in IBISS for SecurityConnect applications for surveillance and security culture.

Want to know more? Contact Marco Koning for IBISS. And Erwin Duurland for applications in the engineering the process industry and for SafetyConnect.

CareConnect provides real insight into and a grip on experience, values and motivation of clients / residents and staff.

Coach & HumanConnect

narrative alternatives for employee research, HR development and coaching. One-off or continuous.

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HumanConnect is an innovative form of employee experience research in which events that tell people about their work form the basis.

CoachConnect is a variant focused on coaching networks and on providing insight into the impact (result) of coaching people within large organizations.

Because every organization wants (must) be unique, HumanConnect and CoachConnect are always tailor-made. The focus can be on experiences about:

  • Motivation / demotivation
  • Work pressure / boredom
  • Management / leadership
  • Actract/captivate/bore/dropping out
  • Ethics
  • To learn
  • Success / failure
  • Personal / team functioning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Energy
  • Security (physical and emotional)
  • Stress

Employees share their experiences (anonymously or optionally) via a storytelling point and answer questions about their experience, the impact of the experience on themselves and the context in which it took place. After an extensive pattern evaluation you will optionally receive an advice report or we will organize a number of work meetings in which you build up employees or management insights and subsequently make improvement proposals that you can implement.

Optionally, HumanConnect can be combined with regular employee perception research to ensure continuity or to enable benchmarking within the sector. HumanConnect can also be implemented as a continuous HR process.

Wnat to know more? Please contact Harold van Garderen.

CareConnect provides real insight into and a grip on experience, values and motivation of clients / residents and staff.


for securing and improving patient satisfaction and quality in the healthcare sector

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CareConnect gives hospitals and care institutions deep insight into how patients really experience care. The basic implementation allows CareConnect to tell patients and / or residents about your care and to indicate how they experience the care of your employees and your facilities and you can evaluate and adjust its development a number of times a year.

In its most comprehensive form, CareConnect is an integrated process for monitoring and adjusting care quality, customer experience and employee motivation.

CareConnect can also be combined with employee satisfaction and / or motivational research and for monitoring hygiene, medication use or lifestyle research. For the latter we work together with the Hogeschool Utrecht.

CareConnect basis has been used by the Child & Hospital Foundation since 2012 to monitor child and family focus in children’s departments. Children, young people and parents have already shared almost 15,000 experiences. Hospitals have already received over one hundred so-called Smiley reports.

CareConnect can be applied once, periodically or continuously.

Want to know more? Please contact Caroline de Bes.

CareConnect provides real insight into and a grip on experience, values and motivation of clients / residents and staff.

Brand & ServiceConnect

provide a grip on quality and brand experience through customer experiences and employee observations

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BrandConnect & ServiceConnect solutions help organizations to manage their brand experience and / or quality of service by looking through the eyes of their customers. Previously StoryConnect and partners already provided solutions for:

Customer satisfaction for a consultancy organization
Traveler experience for a large carrier.
Research into the fulfillment of the brand promise for a financial institution
Parents and member satisfaction for a youth sports organization

Want to know more? Please contact Harold van Garderen.

It is no longer about what you want to know from people
It is about what people want you to know

Harold van Garderen

Founder and co-owner, StoryConnect

To make good decisions, you depend on what others want you to know

Our narrative solutions are based on raw stories of people’s experiences

Our approach unlock hidden signals and trends in their narratives

You gain new insights and take decisions based on what people want to tell you

And you have a grip on the soft aspects behind the hard figures. We offer …


for unlocking the rich and warm observations, insights, suggestions and opinions of people through storypoints


working method for working, deciding and improving with experiences that give you insight and a grip over what is going on


in which we share our passion for working with stories through training, support and keynotes


and interim management for permanent or temporary support during investigations or processes implementation



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