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Transfer of knowledge and training of skills. From learning to guide StoryWorkshops to independently defining and executing projects.



Training sessions from a half day to 3 days in which participants learn what cPNI is and how it works.

There are training sessions from a half day to 3 days. All training courses focus on transferring practical knowledge so that you can start a cPNI project yourself or work with it.

There are training sessions of a day in which we present the cPNI approach ourselves. In our one-day training also makes with StoryWorkshop methods. In the two or three-day training we also practice StoryWorkshop methods and discuss some cPNI applications that are tailored to the needs of the participants. Participants receive a certificate of participation.


Participants learn to define cPNI projects, supervise workshops and / or carry out projects.



Working with narratives is central. The focus is on increasing knowledge through presentations and training skills in practice sessions.



A day part up to 3 days. Ideally continuous or one day per week, optionally with homework assignments.


Including preparation at least 1 day, up to 9 man-days for groups on location.