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We are so excited. Today the internal launch of our new website and our new StoryConnect brand to our partners. And this it the day ….

my two youngest children have to bring toilet paper to their primary school. For the renovation of the wash-rooms turned out to be more expensive than school budgeted for. And yes, when the first came  home, I had a good laugh.

So why launch on Fools day, April 1? Well, there is no story behind this timing, it’s just that things are ready. The StoryConnect App is ready for download in the Play Store and App Store. StoryConnect Dashboard is ready and the website and all translations are ready.

So why wait. We can hardly wait, because we are proud of what we have achieved in recent months. Now the trick is to spread the news so that even more customers discover the value of working with stories. We hope you will find what you are looking for, that the site helps you understand what we have on offer and how we work.

If not, please let us know. And if you need professional support, please contact us.