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Deeper insight into your organization

Evaluate, learn and improve using stories

We believe that stories based on experience are a valuable source of information to improve the policies of organizations. We provide the right tools to collect and analyze these stories. In doing so, we enable our clients to engage employees, reduce staff turnover, improve services, and enhance support and care for the people they work for. Explore our recent projects

The power of stories

Why work with stories?

Stories help to understand (perceptions of) people and situations. Stories contain a lot of information that helps to build insights and generate rough ideas for change, experiments and/or initiatives. And by telling a story, the storyteller reflects on his/her own life, actions and ideas.

working with stories

These clients have experience in working with StoryConnect

StoryConnect Academy

Experience working with stories in your organization

Do you want to experience how working with stories unfolds in your organization? Are you ready to take on the role of a facilitator in your organization? We warmly welcome you as a participant (if your organization is a customer of StoryConnect) to the training sessions at our StoryConnect Academy. Learn what a StoryCycle is and create your trajectory plan during the StoryStart workshop in just one day, deepen your knowledge and facilitation skills in the StoryWorks training, or explore different perspectives, gaining knowledge and inspiration during Stories2Connect. Our StoryAcademy extends a warm welcome to you!"

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