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StoryPoint What Works?

Are you looking for decent work? Are you willing to share your experiences with others? Then the What Works? StoryPoint is what you are looking for!

Young adults and their search for proper work

Over the past few months StoryConnect and PLEK have supported a group of young adults in their search for proper work in the What Works? project. Through participative theatre, experiences were exchanged and as we speak the final preparations are under way for the première June 11 in Utrecht. As this is a Dutch project, all links lead to pages in Dutch. Still we publish this information here as we feel that the approach we used for the What Works? project is also suitable abroad. Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.19.04 Now, based on the experiences shared by the project participants a StoryPoint has been released. The StoryPoint allows anyone who is looking for a job to share experiences on a daily or regular basis.

This way a database is created that can be used by all young adults to learn from each other. How do others find proper work? F.e. do they create new work by identifying opportunities in society and create new work? Or do they first need to overcome barriers in how they perceive their own role?

The database can also be used by policy makers and organisations that work with young people in helping them gain insight in how the search process for work goes, what opportunities and barriers they face and how these are handled. As soon as a few dozen experiences are shared these will be shared in a similar way as with the citizen participation Thermometer Stichtse Vecht (a Dutch municipality). The StoryPoint is available below. Please feel free to have a look. Using a smartphone or tablet? Please follow this link! If you are interested in the What Works? project itself, feel free to drop us an email.