Stories in Action

How do we share our stories and create new realities?

The person you are being is a physical manifestation of the way we use communication to share the stories we believe in. Every major achievement began with an idea that was important enough to be presented to the others as a gift and an invitation to share our experiences and knowledge, that matter to us, in alignment with others who receive what we are sharing as a gift.

Stories as a gift

Sir Isaac Newton’s gift fell from a tree.  Some would have just picked up the apple, cleaned it off and consumed it as a gift to sate hunger. Some would have thrown it away and treated it as a burden that distracted them from their thoughts as they sat (daydreaming) beneath the tree on a Summer’s day. Newton had an idea about gravity, buzzing around in his head, so the apple was the proof he could see and therefore a precious gift bringing his thoughts (a story) into alignment with his reality providing him with proof of his story. Something real. The physical manifestation that brought his story forward into the world and help him to act upon his belief in something he felt was true was now proven to be fact.

How do we take our own facts/truths into the world?  We tell our stories to others using speech acts.  We take the assessments we have grounded to others (as facts) and make requests, offers and declarations that bring forward what is inside of our minds (our stories) into reality. When our grounded assessments and proven stories align themselves with those of others, who believe in them, they inspire action.  Those actions change the physical world around us creating something new and tangible where before there was just thought and supposition.

I was on a bus, with colleagues, headed home from work on a lovely Summer Friday. The talk was of weekend plans and fun.  We all felt similar hope and energy which we all wanted to use towards a festive outcome.  Someone correctly assessed the mood of a party and requested that others join him for a drink to start the weekend. Fifteen minutes later a party, which had not existed outside of the mind of one person on a bus filled with colleagues, was in full swing.

SoccerThat request was made properly and it brought a story forward into reality as the requestor proposed an action which others cared about and could come into alignment with to bring something new into being.  How did this happen?  Well, this person assessed that something festive was possible. He knew that to satisfy this possibility he wanted others to join and that once this occurred there would be merriment. He envisioned a time in which this would happen and felt it was opportune and he had aligned others who he felt shared in his want for fun.

With dedicated listeners, conditions of satisfaction, a clear time period and a grounded assessment of fun – he made his request.  Each person who sat in that bar, lifting their glass and sharing a few minutes of fun with others, accepted that request and in so doing created an event – a promise – to share a drink with colleagues which was designed to manifest “fun”. Next thing you know – they were all together in a place where they had not, previously, planned to be.

Although this example was of a spontaneous request – all accepted requests and offers end in aligned promises that inspire new actions which create our realities. Requests are awe inspiringly important in taking our stories into the world and creating newness. They are our intended gifts to everyone but they are not always accepted as such and do not always end in glorious new actions.

Stories in Action

Yet, if we are to bring our stories into action we do have to make requests. How else will we share ourselves and bring forward real change in our lives and the lives of others around us? Try “thinking” your bright idea for fun into a group of people and do so without communicating that idea and see how much change occurs. Nothing will happen if we expect others to create the care and present the things which matter to us as qualitative ideas and inspiring new possibilities.

Stories_in_ActionAssessing that our stories will bring change is just the start. Sharing them requires communication. If we are not communicating our stories with others, we can be assured that our conditions of satisfactions will not be met and thus decrease the feelings that we are participating [fully] in creating desired outcomes. Going along, to get along, doesn’t make for an exciting reality – but it may be “safe”. So will you play it safe and wait for other’s to create a world that is just right for you or will you make your requests and offers to dedicated listeners, with clear conditions of satisfaction in a timetable that is realistic, that create actions and new possibilities for wonder?

The answer is – you will make requests and offers. Many in a day.  Will you do them “properly/effectively” not always but, you will do them none-the-less. Can you increase your capacity to make them more skilfully? Yes.  Just observe how you are making them, with whom and why, and as you become a better observer of how you are  creating [in language] new realities you will be participating more fully in your life.