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Do you want to turn a specific challenge into action in a few workshops? Do you have a broader application – once or continuously – in mind? Or do you not yet know exactly where working with narratives can contribute the most to your organization? Discover our projects and workshops.


All projects start with designs. In Inception projects we investigate together where the most added value lies. In Insight and Impact projects we develop narrative solutions and in Independence projects we separate the execution from development so that customers can focus on their core activities.


We support all this with training and training development from the StoryConnect Academy ™.


After the introductory meeting, we will be happy to work together with you on support in your organization or environment. Contact us.


Workshops for sharing van narratieven, creation of StoryElements, gaining insight or decision making.


Introduction to the StoryConnect method and identify the potential for your organization. Read more.


A complete cPNI project in 5 days. Perhaps the steepest learning curve in the world.


Provides deep and novel insights with which you or your organisation can take immediate action. 


Provides continuous insight into changes in and around your organization so that you can reap the benifits.


StoryConnect helps you to carry out part of the required activities independently.


You know your situation best. Do you have an idea or a challenge? Contact us to dicuss the options for a tailor-made solution.