Keynote presentations and lectures on cPNI, its applications and our work for a broad target group. From in-house to keynotes at congresses.


Presentations on cPNI and Connect applications for small and large groups, keynotes or interactive lectures, internal or public, at home and abroad, for general, professional and expert public.

Keynotes are the perfect way to introduce your organization or public to Connect applications based on cPNI.

We are happy to present about the possibilities and applications of cPNI for innovation, quality of service, human factors, safety culture, inclusion and education. Do you have a subject yourself? We always provide customization for your audience.


Our lectures are always tailor-made. We adapt our presentations to your audience and needs, for an optimal effect.



We illustrate cPNI on using real applications in which working with narratives is central, and in which we can also include the relationship with your existing methods and systems.



Large presentations require a lot of preparation and have to be planned a few weeks in advance. Standard presentations can be delivered on short term notice.


Preparing and executing a short presentation a day. Larger contributions amount to 4 man-days, excluding travel and residence time for foreign performances.