Harold van Garderen

Harold van Garderen is oprichter en directeur van StoryConnect

Harold van Garderen founded StoryConnect in 2010 and has since been formally director. In practice, he is, just like any other contact person, for a number of parts of the business: ProductConnect and ServiceConnect and geographically for Europe and Africa.

Harold worked at Océ R & D from 1995 to 2010. In the last few years as business intelligence manager of Océ R & D. This includes innovation in documentary services, the role of people in organizations, software for document and archive management and the development of high-speed printers.

As a scientist in the fields of chemistry, complexity theory and innovation science, he became increasingly fascinated by the question of how properties of chemical, natural systems and organizations arise. His knowledge of self-organization and innovation processes comes in handy at StoryConnect and for him is still a source of inspiration and support in the development of working methods, models and theories for narrative solutions and in his work for the customers of StoryConnect.