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Do you want to gain insight into the experience and delivery of care? Then listen to how patients, clients, relatives, residents and residents care and how your employees provide care.


What is quality for them and what motivates them? Learn to work with these experiences to influence the balance between quality and efficiency of care.


CareConnect provides a grip on the quality of service provision in the care for all layers in the organization by laying down the responsibility for quality monitoring, work organization and improvement where it belongs: in the operational processes. This is called Narrative Evaluation and Improvement.


CareConnect also offers overview and influence possibilities to responsible managers and management. CareConnect brings Lateral Supervision and Narrative Accountability at your fingertips.

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CareConnect is the collective name for solutions for Care & Cure institutions that want to monitor and improve the quality of their care without losing sight of efficiency.

Perception of care, employee motivation and efficient working are closely linked and not meaningful in expressing figures. Why then do we try so often to measure these separately? Do your surveys also provide numbers, but no insight? Do you also get statistics, but no grip? Then switch to CareConnect.

Also replace your client / occupant satisfaction survey and your employee satisfaction survey with one system for monitoring and improving quality and efficiency. CareConnect improves and guarantees the quality and efficiency of care by working with shared experiences of patients, residents, volunteers, visitors and staff

Together they thus build up an insight into the relevant aspects of care provision and experience in order to – if necessary – improve together. Intended and unforeseen effects of interventions come into the picture on time due to the continuous nature of CareConnect.

CareConnect is available for care to adults in Care and Cure settings. There is also a special version for children and their parents. Also get a grip on quality and efficiency with CareConnect.

Teams of employees, patients / residents and volunteers jointly design and realize changes and experiments for improvement and cost reduction.

Managers and managers keep an overview and influence only where necessary on account of responsibility.

The teams develop – under supervision – a coherent set of proposals in which opportunities, risks, uncertainties and wishes are carefully weighed.

They use insights into the complex relationship of care-related qualities obtained by evaluating narrative patterns from in-depth StoryDashboard evaluations.

Managers and managers get insight and overview in the dynamics of care experience and care delivery. As a result, changes (both positive and negative) are visible early and they can keep grip through influencing.

All stakeholders participate and monitor by sharing raw personal experiences about events and changes in care from many perspectives through customized StoryPoints.

This is the basis for Quality 4.0:

  • Narrative Evaluation and Improvement in the operational process
  • Lateral Supervision within and between institutions
  • Narrative Accountability towards regulators and insurers.

CareConnect has already been applied for evaluation and improvement of

Child-centred care in hospitals

Patient-experience for adult patients

Motivating and demotivating patterns in a voluteer organisation

Evaluation of quality of care by staff and family in long-term care

Evaluation of youth care policy for a partnership of municipalities

Misunderstood causes of turnover among medical staff

CareConnect Cure ensures integral improvement of both customer experience and employee motivation. Departments and disciplines get a permanent view of their care performance from the perspective of patients, family and visitors and on the motivation and experience of staff. With this they have insight into the quality of care. Management, if required, also has access or is periodically informed through custom-designed reports.

CareConnect Care is a low-threshold pragmatic interpretation for the realization of a learning organization. Reflection and continuous improvement are part of the requirements set by the new quality frameworks for long-term care institutions. CareConnect Care involves residents, family, visitors, employees and management in evaluating quality of care and the targeted improvement together at precisely those places and for those aspects where necessary.

CareConnect Kids gives children, young people and their parents the opportunity to tell how they experience care. From children’s departments, clinics, plaster room, operating rooms and emergency care in hospitals to rehabilitation centers, hospices, treatment centers, GP practice, Youth and Family center. And of course also about home care.

CareConnect Kids was developed together with the Child and Hospital Foundation under the name Experience Monitor. Since 2012 more than 8000 experiences have been shared. Hospitals that meet the Golden Smiley criteria receive a Smiley StoryReport 3 times a year with which they can further improve the quality of their care.

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