Then UN convention on the rights for people with disabilities has been ratified by many countries. Next the convention must be implemented and monitored. This week, Erwin Duurland will run a PNI training for Light for the World in Uganda with the goal to set up StoryGroups in eight districts that:

  • educate themselves on their rights.
  • actively bring together experiences in this domain from their own lives and their environments.
  • work with these stories to see trends and changes.
  • create and maintain an advocacy agenda for the local situation.
  • start and stimulate improvement activities.

This is all very ambitious as a substantial number of participants is disabled, but on the other side this means they are intrinsically motivated to work on the improve the situation of people with disabilities: after all that’s them! We are very happy with the cooperation of local disability organisations NUDIPU and ADD international. The idea behind the design of the training is that the position of disabled persons can only improve when the StoryGroups actively signal issues and work to improve the situation. This is probably the best way to keep the flame burning.

Therefore, the collection of stories in a StoryPoint and their distribution between districts via a StoryDashboard is part of the plan. This way knowledge (successes and barriers)  can flow from A to B which also creates a country-wide overview of where the convention is met and what needs yet to be done. We are not there yet, but working hard to get there. When digital connection are cooperative we intend to provide an update on how the training proceeds during the forthcoming week.

StoryConnect together with Light for the World did projects in Bangladesh on the food security of ultrapoor women and is currently developing a system for the evaluation of the inclusiveness of education in Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia and its effect on employability.