In alphabetical order

AVD Solutions is a consultancy for ID solutions and ID management. AVD Solutions offers ID solution for identity checking and establishment. AVD Solutions consults on ID management in organisational process design, what equipment to use and how to implement the processes and equipment into a working whole. The focus is always the prevention and repression of identity fraud.

StoryConnect and AVD Solutions cooperate in the securing and guarding domains.

Cynthia Kurtz is one of the prominent leaders and writers in the PNI domain, though she will never say so or admit it. She has worked with narrative approaches since 1999 and developed the PNI method and many PNI tools and approaches. First within IBM, later in cooperation with Cognitive Edge and since 2007 as an independent researcher, consultant and writer. In 2008 Cynthia published the first PNI textbook Working with Stories now in its 3rd edition and available as paperback.

StoryConnect and Cynthia cooperate in the further development of PNI in the PNI2 Institute. In StoryConnect projects Cynthia increasingly fulfils the QA and conscience roles.

Ferro Explore! is one of the oldest market-research agency in the Netherlands. Since the ’70s they have specialized in qualitative research. And they haven’t  stay put in the 30 years since.

Ferro introduced PNI/Sensemaking in the Dutch marketing-research scene over ten years ago and has put over 33.000 stories to work in over 30 projects worldwide for improving the marketing, communication or policy of customers.

Ferro loves to renew itself. Ferro is synonymous for ‘fresh thinking’. This is how they continue to do their jobs in an inspired and inspiring way.

StoryConnect and Ferro Explore! work together on customer projects. StoryConnect increasingly provides the tools to power the – often innovatively organized – project approaches we develop together.

The Innosec vision is that a product-independent security management platform coupled to powerful security solutions delivers better integration and more efficient security management. This vision connects to the value that is embodied in our brand-logo: the purpose-driven and innovative creation of an integrated security management solution.

The core factors we have set as a company and the way we distinguish from other vendors are best described as a full dose of creativity, breakthrough thinking, openness, genericness, intelligence and flexibility.

StoryConnect and Innosec cooperate in the development of SafetyConnect for the securing and guarding domains.

JJAdvies is a general consultancy agency in the domain of traffic management. JJadvies can be your partner for all issues, questions and subjects around the specialistic theme of traffic and transport. Still there are some themes JJadvies specializes in: sustainable mobility, customer satisfaction and mobility management.

StoryConnect en JJadvies cooperate on all three themes.

Ontological Coach Kirk Wornum helps coachees to become successful self-learners, leaders, creators and innovators that are improving the quality of their conversations and building greater capacity while fully embodying their commitments as they live life’s journey.

StoryConnect and Kirk cooperate in the development of CoachConnect.

PLEK applies a raft of theatrical methods for participative inquiry with organisations and communities to achieve effective social-cultural renewal. Today’s challenges need approaches that stimulate people to look for alternatives together. PLEK believes anyone has forces inside that can be sourced to contribute to this.

PLEK practices unite people, let them explore and deepen their perspectives from their own experiences, and makes available new knowledge and experiences. Insights and results of small-scale initiatives are made available for a large audience via digital media.

StoryConnect en PLEK joined forces to integrate participatory theatre approaches in PNI concepts. This is visible in the Wat Werkt project.

Robbe & Partners is a legal and strategic consultancy that applies complexity, negotiation and transaction-cost theory to help customers in very complex (semi)public environments formulate and implement resilient and flexible strategies, policies and contracts.

The added value of Robbe & Partners lies in the specific skills and experience she brings to bear in solving complexing contracting and subsidizing-issues for helping public, social institutions and companies to

  • reach their set goals faster;
  • in more cost-efficient ways;
  • while minimizing legal and political risks

StoryConnect and Robbe & Partners cooperate in the domain of citizen-participation and impact-monitoring of decentralizations.

Ron Donaldson is a Knowledge ecologist from Peterborough, UK. Works sometimes on his own, other times with others, but always loves working with stories. His aim is to facilitate homo narrans towards an emergent Sustainocene future.

StoryConnect and Ron are both co-founders of the PNI Institute and cooperate to develop and market PNI-based concepts natural capitcal assesment.

Tensor Sustainable facilitates organizations to become more sustainable by mapping in reinforcing their relations with stakeholders though structural dialogue.

Harry de Boer (1968) is one of the driving forces behind Tensor Sustainable. Harry finished his study of Mining & Petroleum extraction with a thesis on plastic recycling and has worked in a various segments of the consultancy world. The bulk of this work was the translation of challenges to practical, simple but still innovative solutions.

Through his work he become convinced that solid and long-lasting stakeholder relations are important to find solutions. He views PNI as a mean to improve the interaction with stakeholders and increase the change to be successful.

StoryConnect and Tensor Sustainable develop and market solutions for sustainability that makes visible the impact organisations have on their environment. For that they use the thinking-power of their stakeholders to generate ideas and signal risks in a timely fashion.

Tinder stands for simpleness, openness, freedom, spontaneity, trust, attention and – probably most importantly, vulnerability. A vulnerable attitudes is key to development.

Coaching is a meeting where we engage in a joint search for answers to your question and transpose that to action that should eventually lead to taking self-management

Self-management means choosing your direction and sail based on insight, attention, qualities, values and ambitions. A  largely self-managing person has a strong intrinsic motivation for what he or she does and needs little external stimulus. Your own course follows as long as passion and pathos drive you.

StoryConnect and Tinder joined forces to develop and market CoachConnect.

The Narrative Lab is an organisational development and applied research consultancy based in Gauteng, South Africa. The Narrative Lab team blends narrative practices, complexity thinking and facilitation to re:humanise the worlds of individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

The heart of our work is found in running research and consulting projects that re:author, re:search and re:humanise the ways in which we interact, work and do business. Established in 2007 by Aiden Choles, Sonja Blignaut and Raymond Salzwedel, and now headed up by Aiden, The Narrative Lab has a proud record of working locally and internationally, across a multitude of sectors in assisting small, medium and large organisations.

Our wonderful client base has allowed us to build up a consulting portfolio that includes work in coaching, team dynamics, large-scale facilitation, training, research, organisational development, change management, organisational culture, knowledge transfer, public speaking and writing.

StoryConnect powers TNL by providing StoryConnect Web and StoryConnect Dashboard, are occasional project partners and co-founded the PNI Institute.