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NPDIThe National Platform for Sustainable Employability NPDI invited us to explain our Story Connect method. To investigate what it adds to their already extensive toolset. We ran two workshops that started with a small interactive part. People were asked to share a positive example from their own experience on what Sustainable Employability has meant in the life of a person. After writing down this story they answered some additional questions about the story.

We wanted to give people an experience how evaluate the effects of interventions. The NPDI writes on her website:

For our partners tools are not an end in itself. The emphasis is on achieving change and movement. Engaging in conversation is the first step. Tools used to support but are always followed by action. We focus on supporting employers, employees and executives. A digital infrastructure supports our process. We constantly monitor the process to make sure we do the right things.

Large-scale, and long time monitoring makes it possible to enhance desired effects, where appropriate, and respond to unwanted effects. We support organizations herein by providing the opportunity for workers to the voice heard. And to make this information available to other processes where people develop experiments.

And what is the relation with Sustainable Employability? According to us very much. Everything starts with listening to staff. What do they need and when have you fully utilized their skills and talents. From the perspective of the employer and also from the perspective of the employee. We will soon launch a first project in the area evaluation of Sustainable Employability of staff.