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PNI seminar in Saskatoon, Canada on July 20

We are happy to announce a PNI seminar by Cynthia Kurtz and Harold van Garderen on July 20 2:30-4:30 PM in Saskatoon, Canada hosted by Tom Porter. The seminar will cover the basics of PNI and illustrate its potential. Examples will be drawn from earlier applications...

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StoryPoint What Works? released

Young adults and their search for proper work Over the past few months StoryConnect and PLEK have supported a group of young adults in their search for proper work in the What Works? project. Through participative theatre, experiences were...

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My Story, My Rights. PNI training in Uganda

Then UN convention on the rights for people with disabilities has been ratified by many countries. Next the convention must be implemented and monitored. This week, Erwin Duurland will run a PNI training for Light for the World in Uganda with the goal to set up...

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The launch: new name, new site

We are so excited. Today the internal launch of our new website and our new StoryConnect brand to our partners. And this it the day .... my two youngest children have to bring toilet paper to their primary school. For the renovation of the wash-rooms turned out to be...

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The StoryConnect app

Sharing stories from the pocket was one of our great desires. Being able to share practical experiences should be fun and easy. That means you have to remove a lot of barriers to let people share. The vast majority of people have a smartphone. So the best way to reach...

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Sustainable Employability of staff

The National Platform for Sustainable Employability NPDI invited us to explain our Story Connect method. To investigate what it adds to their already extensive toolset. We ran two workshops that started with a small interactive part. People were asked to share a...

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