Interview with Cynthia Kurtz on PNI in new GloComNet conversations series

On the surprising relations between narrative, complexity and economics

It is clear PNI and complexity are strongly related. So a year ago, GloComNet and StoryConnect partnered to develop and market joint solutions that honour the complex aspects of challenges and processes.

Behind the scenes we are working on a first joint service for the financial sector and on stage StoryConnect and her partner Cynthia Kurtz were guests at the GloComNet studio in Hilversum this summer to record the first two “GloComNet conversations”. It promises to become a very good series. GloComNet says:

In this series Lex Hoogduin interviews guests from the diverse worlds of complexity: social, economic, scientific.

The first interview was just released. As we where there, we think it was a surprising interview. GloComNet says:

The first guest in the series is Cynthia Kurtz. Ms. Kurtz ( is a consultant, researcher, and software developer in the field of Participatory Narrative Inquiry, a mixed-methods approach which was originally developed at IBM Research. In 2014, Cynthia published the first and only textbook in the field, Working with Stories ( In the interview, she highlights the roots of PNI in Action Research and Narrative Inquiry, and she explains the surprising connections between stories, complexity, and economics. We think you will find their conversation equally surprising.

So the interview covers the emergence of PNI, its roots and explores the connection between PNI, narratives (stories), complexity (that not everything can be predicted) and economics. That’s a lot to cover in just 20 minutes. Well, have a look:

We hope the interview will contribute to the understanding of the huge differences between the value of survey and working with narratives. The “falling of the poker face” in particular also often surfaces in our projects as a strong effect and an argument. It is one of the reasons people are happy with hindsight. Something really happened during the project and real value has been created.

PNI also the focus of the second episode

In a few days, the 2nd video in this series will appear. In it Lex Hoogduin and Harold van Garderen talk about applications of the StoryConnect cPNI methode in Healthcare, and solutions for the financial and government sectors. That’s all we can reveal now.