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Stationexperiences – For Dutch Railways we investigated where station designs and information provision is tuned optimally to the wide diversity of passenger needs and where it fails to meet expectations.

Kindgerichtheid van zorg

Child-directedness of care – In just 4 years, over 6500 children and parents shares their experiences with the care they received at children’s wards and polyclinics at over 50 Dutch hospitals using the child-directedness monitor of the Child and Hospital foundation. StoryConnect evaluates their experiences 3 times per year and provides Smiley StoryReports to 13 hospitals so that they can correct any problems spotted and improve  their services to patients and their family.

Kennismanagement tijdens pilots

Kennismanagement during pilots – For Prorail we designed a knowledge-management strategy to obtain insights during pilots with new equipment.

Kennismanagement tijdens pilots

Agile product-development – How does a protein-rich beverage fit into the daily eating patterns of top-athletes. That is what the athletes investigated themselves. They came to surprising insights and has lots of practical suggestions to improve the prototype project and the introduction strategy.

Knarsende innovatie-systemen

Innovatie-systems – Why do so many innovations come to a grinding halt in the food and agricultural sectors. We facilitated the fresh food and diary chains to investigate this and discovered there is a lot confusion around the notion of innovation since there are so many varieties of innovation systems.

Towards ratification of the UN convention –The Netherlands is expected to ratify the the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in 2015. To prepare we developed a StoryPoint and StoryDashboard for the Dutch Coalition for Inclusion. These are used on a continuous basis to provide input for shadow reports by individuals and/or local or country-wide thematic advocacy groups and networks.



Schwung in de Wajong – The Dutch Wajong law entitles young disabled people to social security benefits. Recently however the rules changed and they must try to find a job. Classic “guide to work” practices seems to produce only a temporary effect as many leave their new-found position after a while. The Schwung in the Wajong projects aims to gain insight in why some Wajong-entitled people manage to have stable jobs. What do they are their social network do to ensure they keep them. This project is looking for funding to make the next step.

Motivating the best students – StudentConnect enabled Amsterdam Polytechnic to gain insight in the motivation and demotivating factors of its education services to the best students. This enabled them to improve their services during the programme instead of waiting for the report by the quality assessment department that comes months after courses have ended.

Productpositioning – What sales channels must be targeted first and what is the optimal pricing strategy given the limited availably of a new food product. Those were the questions which we enlightened together with The Food Agency and found answers that enabled them to balance immediate revenue generation with strategic market penetration.

Homesitters – In the Netherlands over 16000 children over 4 don’t go to school. Our investigation surfaced a number of failure mechanisms unknown to policy makers and inspection agencies. The picture is however far from complete. The situation is dire enough to deserve a rapid follow up project.

Agile sofware development – By sharing stories and building a time-line, a software team discovered what wrong decision they had taken 6 months ago and created a new project plan on the spot. All in one afternoon.

Should the doctor wear a white coat? – Dr. Frank is a well-known TV personality in the Netherlands. Usually dokters are not referred to by their first name. So the question dr. Frank had was if he could also do without his white coat. We were instrumental in gaining the answer.

In an other project we investigated if people are too fat according to their own perception and found some surprising and disturbing outliers and self-deceiving patterns

Voice of the Patient – For many rare deceases patients individually, and their family and social network collectively known more about the disease and how to live with it as a family or member of society that most docters and municipalities. The Voice of the Patient project aims to make that knowledge and insights available for patients, dokters, para-medics and public services organisations.

Mainstreaming disability inclusion in development – Light for the World aims to grow into a centre of expertise on disability inclusion in development. Crucial is the ability to assess the impact of inclusion and exclusion on the personal lives of persons with disabilities. Therefore PNI is vital methodology. Thus far we have applied PNI in three projects:

  • Ultra-poor women in Bangladesh face food shortages and other extreme challenges on a regular basis. In the “Inclusion Works” project investigated which factors affected the daily lives of women with disabilities, that would need to be taken into consideration in new development initiatives that include women with disabilities. Read the final report here.
  • In the “EmployAble” project we currently develop, test and enhance an M&E system for inclusive vocational training and employment in Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia that utilizes both hard quantitative, narrative and soft-quantitative inputs.
  • In the “My Story, My Rights” project we will cooperate to develop effective practices to strengthen self-advocacy groups of persons with disabilities in standing up for their rights in rural Uganda. The stories, sensemaking and interventions that are shared and developed in these groups will also serve as input for Ugandan shadow reports on the progress of implementation of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Checking identities – The security features in Dutch identity documents are probably the best worldwide. Still very little is known about how these documents are used by customs, police, banks/insurance companies, staffing agency and other professionals. We developed the Dutch-ID monitor to gain insight how the front-line checks identity and what role  identity documents play in establishing identity.

Roadmap for the Board – The Board of the Dutch Association for Liver Patients had just attracted some new members and some existing members were about to leave. We facilitated the Board to transfer knowledge and make a plan for the coming year in just one day.

Monitoring of decentralisations –With Perspectief we develop Iedereen Praat Mee (Anyone Included) to monitor the progress and quality of the large decentralisations / transitions. Anyone Included can by used by any citizen, but there will also be specific tools for people with disabilities so that they can also effectively become and remain stakeholders.


Repositioning trade organisation – The print industry has to innovate due to the rise of digital media. The question is what new position should the trade-organisations fulfil. We productively brought together the perspectives of members and staff.