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Sharing stories from the pocket was one of our great desires. Being able to share practical experiences should be fun and easy. That means you have to remove a lot of barriers to let people share. The vast majority of people have a smartphone. So the best way to reach people is now via App.

The main reason is we know that people remember things differently than they they have experienced them. Things are prettier or better in our memories. Our brains make sense of what we do not understand by adding or taking information away. If you want to share experiences in a reliable way  it’s handy to be close the real event. So ideally in the pocket or handbag. Now we are, and everything runs smoothly.

Thanks to 2CoolMonkeys the app is now in the Google Play and iTunes App store. We will soon deploy the App in a real project. Are you curious or do you want to use the Apps for your a story project with staff, citizens, patients or customers? Please contact us.