The StoryAcademy™ offers training courses, keynotes and seminars.

Through the StoryAcademy™ we train customers and partners in StoryConnect solutions in the facets that come into play when designing and implementing projects.

We provide keynotes about the StoryCycle and StorySolutions. We perform for internal or public audiences, large or small groups and at different levels of expertise.

The StoryAcademy™ offers interactive seminars on the usefulness of working with narratives for innovation, quality of service, human factors, safety culture, inclusion and education.

Do you want to know more about the StoryAcademy? Are you interested in a keynote about working with narratives. Do you need help with a project or do you want to become a partner? Then contact us.

StoryConnect - Enabling Collective Intelligence for sustaining change


Training courses that transfer knowledge and skills to support independent use of StoryConnect applications. Read more.


Broadly targeted lectures and presentations about all facets of the StoryConnect method and solutions. Read more.


Interactieve seminars over het nut van werken met narratieven voor innovatie, kwaliteit van dienstverlening, menselijke factoren, veiligheidscultuur, inclusie en educatie. Lees meer.